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Morganne Tree (aka Ann Marie) Newson is a creative and talented Costume Designer for Motion Pictures, Television and Theater.

Morganne welcomes every new design project with enthusiasm:
"It is always exciting to enter the world of a new script. Each production has its own mood, time period, color palette and journey. To create the perfect look for a show, I delve into the essence of each character as I imagine how they would express themselves through their clothing. The thrill is to inspire the actors as I present them with my carefully selected wardrobe. The magic happens when the actor and my wardrobe merge, and the character takes form."

Morganne designs costumes that flow and fit the body beautifully. She designs with delight for dance, ice skating and circus performances. She has deftly brought to life contemporary styles from the world of hip-hop to the Mafia look to the elegance of the Hamptons. Her affection for and understanding of a constantly evolving youth culture has been evident in her authentic wardrobe on a number of television series including Straight Up, Tru Confessions and The Famous Jett Jackson. She has pushed the boundaries in futuristic design. She has extensive experience in period clothing, as well, having created looks for the Eighteenth Century, the Nineteenth Century, and for different decades within the Twentieth Century.

Her flattering designs have pleased many leading ladies and cast members. She has dressed some of the most fascinating performers of our time, including Usher, Rachel McAdam, Burt Lancaster, William H. Macy, Sam Rockwell, Eartha Kitt, Sarah Polley, Britney Spears, and many more. 

Her positive demeanor and harmonious collaborations make her an invaluable member of the production team. She absorbs the vision of the Director, Production Designer, Writer, Actor and Producer all while offering her own unique contribution.

Morganne's experience of managing budgets and assistants ensures a smooth running show and a dedicated department.  Her motto  "maximum visuals with minimum fuss" is reflected on screen.
Shawn Levy (The Famous Jett Jackson), Michael Moore (Canadian Bacon) and Jerry Ciccoritti are some of the Directors who have loved working with Morganne. In fact, Morganne has designed and styled over 10 productions with Mr. Ciccoritti.

Morganne looks forward to designing and styling wardrobe for many more creative, collaborative productions in the future.